Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wow...A long Time!

Well, its been a month since the last time I posted and I apoligize for my delay.  Believe it or not, life for us Davenport's have been very busy.  But no excuse for not blogging about it.  Heck...if I want you all knowing about our journey then I need to stay up with the writing.  So, thank you mom for reminding me to get back on track! :)

Many things have happened in the month of Novemeber.  Our church lunched, James' 8th birthday, began a new women's Bible Study, playdates with Jackson, teacher conferences for my kiddios, Wednesday night Awana, Thanksgiving and decorating for the Christmas season.  Oh...haha, I didn't even mention work, but that has consumed most of my nights for the past 29 days. 

I'll write seperate blogs on most of these events so I can go into detail about them, but right at this moment, "HOME" has been on my heart these last few days.  Even though things are going really well here, I miss my family, friends, church and job.  I tend not to write about the struggles of me, but today I feel like if I write about then then I can have some closure and "move-on" so to speak. 

I think Thanksgiving was the topper of my emotions.  Realizing that this will be the first holiday season that our family will be away from the Mikels family has tugged on me a lot.  This has been a precious time that I look forward to yearly in celebrating and continuing traditions that have been set as apart of the Mikels Christmas Celebration.  The monkey bread and breakfast egg dish the my dad would make, the cousins playing ALL together, the laughter in the house, my brothers wrestling with James, the candles lite for precious Blake and Ethan, the stocking lined up along the mantle, the snacky foods that eventually one of the adults would put up higher than the reach of litte arms, and then playing the role of Santa as we enjoyed watching each person open their gifts one by one.  Yes, it took a long time, but it is always worth it.  I will miss that bonding extended family times.  Our family is so incredibly blessed to be apart of an AMAZING family unit that reaches far beyond just the five of us.

I have been making and meeting new friends and have enjoyed the connections and experiences that we have shared.  My prayer is that some of them will transition into the emptiness I have in my friendship circle and fulfill those friendship desires.  I miss my CA friends.  Not just friends, but my life line friends.  The ones that know me by just the sound of my voice or a look into my face. Facebook is an amazing tool and I use it more often now than ever, but it doesn't fill the void that I have.  I'm continuing to "be still, be patient" and rely on the Lord for these needs and He will provide.  I just hope it will happen sooner than later! :)

So Thanksgiving was a wonderful time spent with Nick's sister's family.  We had a fun time geting to know Heather's (Nick's sister) husband's parents and sister.  James, Tori and Jackson enjoyed playing with Preston (cousin). Jackson was fasinated with their cat, so I am sure that the cat was thrilled when we departed for the evening. :) The men watched the sports games and us girls did well...the girl talk.  All in all it was a great day!  I am so thankful for my husband God has given me and our 3 outstanding children.  This move is and has been in God's plan and for all that He has shown and provided for us I am very thankful. 
A highlight to our Thanksgiving day was "FaceTiming" with my family.  I don't know about you...but I am very thankful that technology has come so far.  Who would imagine that being 1000 miles away we could see and talk live?  Our kids were able to visit with Camryn, Wyatt, Riley, and Peighton, plus see their Uncles and Aunts and Grandparents.  They were so excited to see them and talk to them that in the moment of our FaceTime my kids just waved, smiled and said hi.  So, we will work on the idea of conversation.  haha!
God is so good.  We are fortunate to belong to two incredible families that I would never replace.  Our kids are blessed to be loved by their grandparents, uncles and aunts and their cousins!

It's funny how in six small paragraphs, I've laughed, smiled and cried.  I imagine that is a good thing and being able to express some personal emotions have helped, so thanks for listening. 

I am reminded that within an adventure there are smooth and rocky points.  Its the conquering through the rocky points and excelling that makes the adventure.  I look forward to excelling and excelling with JOY! 

I miss you all....


  1. we miss you too!

    and in fact, the other night dana and i were talking about how you were the "leader" of christmas day so we might all be lost this year :)

    love you much. share your heart. its good therapy. i promise!

  2. ((hugs))...i second what devon said, not sure what we'll do without you. we miss you too!

    love you so! keeping sharing your heart!