Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break *

Spring Break-What is that suppose to look like? 

For most families it's relaxation, vacation, fun, day trips, friends and the list could go on and on..

The bell rang from the outside school walls as James and Tori exited their classrooms with huge smiles on there faces as this was the beginning of their two week spring break (3/18-4/4).  Yes, I did say two weeks!  Oh, the joy on their faces as we began planning out our 14 day extravaganza.  We talked about the zoo, the park, hiking, site seeing, yogurt land, the parks, jump city, birthday parties and more.  After their snack the kids ran outside to ride bikes, scooters and play with the neighbor kids. It was a typical Friday evening with a little wind, but nothing that a sweatshirt couldn't handle.  As the evening continued and the kids settled on the couch for the Friday night movie, no one anticipated what was to come.

Popcorn popped, movie playing and the coughing began.  At first, I thought maybe the wind had tickled James' throat, but the more the night went on the worse it got. The next seven days, yes the entire first week of spring break was spent with James isolated in bed.  Extreme coughing, high fever, sick, and uncomfortable we took James to urgent care to find out that he had an ear infection and tested positive for the flu. 
Child #1 - 10 days of antibiotics and bed.  I've never seen a child who stayed in bed morning, noon and night for seven days.  

On the third day, to make the break more exciting, Tori's tooth abscessed sending her to a dental appointment immediately.  With an examine, Child #2 - 10 days of antibiotics.  By the way, she loves the dentist which is a huge praise! 

As our second week rounded the corner and everyone seemed to be feeling better, we ventured out to yogurt land and had lunch at the park.  It was a wonderful day!

Here we are,Wednesday, a few more days of break left and Jackson and I spent the afternoon at urgent care examining him.  Diagnosis: infection and constant coughing.  Child #3 - 5 days antibiotics.  

What a break! Three kids with antibiotics, unbelievable.  I've come to conclude many years ago, that the meaning of the word "break" does not exist in our family.  We just keep conquering whatever comes our way.  I am so glad that we rely on a God that is AWESOME!  

For Nick and I, we are tired maybe even exhausted.  But, its spring break and for the next few day left, we will make it the best!

Oh where Oh where have the DAVENPORT's been?

I can't believe its been months since I have written about our journey...and what a journey its been.  I started this blog so that I could share our journey experiences, my fears, my joys and simply to stay in touch with those that wanted to be connected to us.  So, I'm back!  I hope that I will continue to update this on a weekly basis and stay dedicated to it.  Its refreshing to write and share what's taken place in our Colorado life.  I'll start fresh with the newer things but slowly post the past jouneys, ups and downs that have happened along the way.  So, when you have some time, grab a cup of coffee or tea and get caught us with the 5 of us! 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jackson's Christmas Dance!

It all began one morning in early December when the family was eating breakfast together.  With Christmas music playing in the background and all 5 of us laughing and eating together around the breakfast table, Jackson suddenly without hesitiation jumps down from the table and does something we never saw coming...

America's Most Funniest Videos here we come!  No, not really, but boy did we all giglle.  I think that funniest moments were when I played it back for Jackson.  The laughter that came from his belly made us all smile and laugh along side with him. 
What a character! 

Picture Time!

Well, another month has almost come and gone, so let me fill you in on us Davenports!  Here are some pictures, ENJOY!

Modeling Aunie Aly's hat that she made for Tori. She loves it!

Dress Up time! Tori looks thrilled, not sure about Jackson!

What a Smile! 

So proud of this boy!

 Fun at the Park!

Swings are a MUST at the park!  So much joy in that precious face!

Simply Beautiful!

I love this picture!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

James' Music Program

For being a public elementary school, Clear Sky is providing our children with many exciting opportunities in many different subjects.  James and Tori have the priveledge to participate in Art, Music, Science, Library, PE, and Technology as apart of their curriculum.  Leaving Village Christian Schools, I was worried about their schooling and having to make quick decisions on their schools, I was hoping that Nick and I had made the right decisions. Four months into Clear Sky Elementary and being a public school, we are extremely happy and have seen growth in both James and Tori and feel that this school reaches to seek individuality for each students best interest.  With that said, James performed in the 2nd grade Harvest Music Program in the beginning of November.  It was a joy to watch and listen to the kids sing.  He seemed to have a lot of fun with his classmates as they sang, recited, and performed chorography. 

Good job James...  

Who turned 8?


Tuesday, November 9th James turned "8" years old.  I can't believe that my baby boy is turning into a big boy.  Second grader, six teeth lost, no more baby fat, slim and fit, and surprises me daily with the new things he learns.  I am so proud of him and who he is becoming. 

These past few months had been extremely hard for him and transitionally he has had some ups and downs, but all in all, he has adjusted far better than I had expected.  He has made lots of friends, enjoys school, loves his scooter, bikes, his PSP and legos.  His new addition of fun is sleeding in the snow and trying to stay on his feet while sliding on the ice.  However, he hasnt been as successful in that area, but I am sure he will master it.  :)

James' birthday ended up becoming a birthday week.  We celebrated all week long with opening presents from his grandparents and uncles and aunts, going to dinner, celebrating with James in his Music program at his school, and had a present scavenger hunt throughout our house which James enjoyed doing.   Although, James said his best birthday gift was that it snowed on his birthday.  He was so excited!  Our kids, along with the neighborhood kids, spent several hours sledding down the hill in our cul de sac.

A   Active   
M  Moldable  
E   Encourager
S   Sweet Spirit

These are words that come to my mind when I think about my son!  Thank you Lord Jesus for a talented, high eneregy, friendly and lovable boy who you have entrusted Nick and I to. 

I love you JD!

Happy Birthday....

The Launch...11-7-2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010 the doors of Harvest Bible Chapel Denver opened and close to 300 adults and children made their way to Worship and hear Pastor Jeff preach the Living Word to them.  With a launch team of about 130 people we had a very successful beginning.  God was given all the Glory! 

Having been raised up in the church and engulfed within it, it was exciting to see the transformation of a talk about a church plant, to having ownership in being a part of one forming, to then having a name, a building, and now a sense of belonging as a family to a body of believers.  Wow!  

My role within this last month was to run/facilitate the "BedRock" room.  This room housed all children from Kindergarten to 5th grade.  It was a happening room filled with a community of soon to be friends.  As you can imagine, I was beyond excited to be doing what I love to do.  It felt right and I held onto every moment that I had with the children in the room and the adults that I helped guide.  
Being apart of the launch team since August has helped James, Tori and Jackson become familiar with many of the kids that they interacted and participated with.  As well as, helped Nick and I to connect with many of the adults and have begun to build some relationships with.
I have to admit though, it is hard to just "volunteer," but I am pretty proud of myself to swallow my pride and surrender to be and do what the Lord has for me.  It is amazing how He does use me and within these past few months, I would have never guessed it would be what it has been.  More to come about that!  

Nick's role at Harvest is being on the set-up/tear-down team and being an usher and greeter.  Ocassionally, he helps out in the Children's area when needed.  God has stretched him too and he is enjoying the tasks he has been given.  He has also bonded with a good portion of the men on the launch team and it is exciting to see how those relationships will build.   

The month of December, I will be helping as a Children's Ministry greeter and will be apart of the check-in system for the C.M department.  I'm looking forward to getting into church and experiencing it with Nick this month.  

Serving the Lord wholeheartedly...