Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break *

Spring Break-What is that suppose to look like? 

For most families it's relaxation, vacation, fun, day trips, friends and the list could go on and on..

The bell rang from the outside school walls as James and Tori exited their classrooms with huge smiles on there faces as this was the beginning of their two week spring break (3/18-4/4).  Yes, I did say two weeks!  Oh, the joy on their faces as we began planning out our 14 day extravaganza.  We talked about the zoo, the park, hiking, site seeing, yogurt land, the parks, jump city, birthday parties and more.  After their snack the kids ran outside to ride bikes, scooters and play with the neighbor kids. It was a typical Friday evening with a little wind, but nothing that a sweatshirt couldn't handle.  As the evening continued and the kids settled on the couch for the Friday night movie, no one anticipated what was to come.

Popcorn popped, movie playing and the coughing began.  At first, I thought maybe the wind had tickled James' throat, but the more the night went on the worse it got. The next seven days, yes the entire first week of spring break was spent with James isolated in bed.  Extreme coughing, high fever, sick, and uncomfortable we took James to urgent care to find out that he had an ear infection and tested positive for the flu. 
Child #1 - 10 days of antibiotics and bed.  I've never seen a child who stayed in bed morning, noon and night for seven days.  

On the third day, to make the break more exciting, Tori's tooth abscessed sending her to a dental appointment immediately.  With an examine, Child #2 - 10 days of antibiotics.  By the way, she loves the dentist which is a huge praise! 

As our second week rounded the corner and everyone seemed to be feeling better, we ventured out to yogurt land and had lunch at the park.  It was a wonderful day!

Here we are,Wednesday, a few more days of break left and Jackson and I spent the afternoon at urgent care examining him.  Diagnosis: infection and constant coughing.  Child #3 - 5 days antibiotics.  

What a break! Three kids with antibiotics, unbelievable.  I've come to conclude many years ago, that the meaning of the word "break" does not exist in our family.  We just keep conquering whatever comes our way.  I am so glad that we rely on a God that is AWESOME!  

For Nick and I, we are tired maybe even exhausted.  But, its spring break and for the next few day left, we will make it the best!

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