Tuesday, November 30, 2010

James' Music Program

For being a public elementary school, Clear Sky is providing our children with many exciting opportunities in many different subjects.  James and Tori have the priveledge to participate in Art, Music, Science, Library, PE, and Technology as apart of their curriculum.  Leaving Village Christian Schools, I was worried about their schooling and having to make quick decisions on their schools, I was hoping that Nick and I had made the right decisions. Four months into Clear Sky Elementary and being a public school, we are extremely happy and have seen growth in both James and Tori and feel that this school reaches to seek individuality for each students best interest.  With that said, James performed in the 2nd grade Harvest Music Program in the beginning of November.  It was a joy to watch and listen to the kids sing.  He seemed to have a lot of fun with his classmates as they sang, recited, and performed chorography. 

Good job James...  

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